Intention Candles

Wednesday Ophelia

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Intention Candles
Intention Candles
Intention Candles

Dispelling Anxiety:

This candle is infused with lavender and lemongrass with real pieces of lavender bud and lemongrass inside. Perfect for dispelling any anxiety or mental nerves from the day. 

Purify & Cleanse:

This beautiful soy candle will help you purify and cleanse any space you need! This candle has Sage & Basil Oil with hints of Peppermint. 

Gaining Focus:

This candle is infused with cinnamon and clove. Making it the perfect candle to use when you need to find focus. Whether in your general life, on a project or in your practice. 

Each Intention Candle comes with the corresponding crystals and an optional spell. 

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