Crystal Elixirs

Wednesday Ophelia

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Crystal Elixirs
Crystal Elixirs
Crystal Elixirs
Crystal Elixirs


This crystal elixir blend is a perfect way to help ground you in overwhelming or stressful situations or when you feel a little lost. Spray, breathe, ground. 

Smoky Quartz - to calm and to synchronize your body's energy with earth’s energy.
Black Tourmaline - to ground and to reset and replace unwanted energy with clean, balanced energy.
Agate - to cleanse and to stabilize.
Petrified Wood - to ground and to calm.


This crystal elixir blend is used after a stressful event has occurred. Or after any event (or relationship) where you feel like you need to relax, repair your energy and soul, and heal. Spray, breathe, and repair. 

Amber - to help you remove obstacles
Tourmaline- to balance fears and restore self-confidence. 
Smoky Quartz - detoxifies energies
Bloodstone - gives stability after trauma or upset.


This crystal blend is perfect when you need a little pick me up. Spray, breathe, and feel your energy shift. 

Amethyst - to raise vibrations to a more spiritual level and to balance. 
Rose Quartz - to promote self-love, inner peace and to soothe the heart. 
Carnelian - to promote courage and positivity. 
Smoky Quartz - replaces negative energy with positive, clean energy.

Use as a body spray or a spray for your space. Comes in a 4 oz glass mist bottle. 

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